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Tèxtil Gené, s.a. is a firm dedicated to the design and elaboration of any kind of tissues with over 50 years of renown experience and it counts with a high grade of specialization in the field of school uniforms.

We have a modern and complete equipment that guarantees the quality of our products and a human team with experience and contrastated personality which permits us to offer our services from a personalized design of the tissue piece to the making-up of the garment, passing through pattern and final accessories.

Textil Gené's philosophy is fundamentally based on offering our clients the best resolution of their orders, with the seriousness and the commitment that corresponds to the trust placed in our firm.

Our best presentation are our clients who trust in our products since years because of their quality, service and price.
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   Tèxtil Gené , S.A. C/ Cabanyes, 26, 08203 Sabadell (Barcelona)                                           e-mail: textilgene@textilgene.com