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Tèxtil Gené, s.a. offers from the design to the manufacturing of the product passing through the supply of the tissue.

We offer a wide range of possibilities and solutions for your needs. We put at your disposal a great variety of tissue pieces with the option of making-up your own designs for any kind of garment:

  • Sommer and winter tracksuits
  • skirts
  • trousers
  • long jackets
  • polo shirts
  • bibs

We make-up and supply the tissue of your need, consult us, don't hesitate.

Sommer and winter tracksuits
school uniforms garment
   Tèxtil Gené , S.A. C/ Cabanyes, 26, 08203 Sabadell (Barcelona)                                           e-mail: textilgene@textilgene.com